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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The birth of the Metrosexual

The Cavemen were naked, Tarzan wore a loin cloth and through the ages man became more civilized and learned to dress more appropriately. His attire would define automatically what class he belonged to, be it a man of wealth or of war.
But somewhere along the way (we call it the 90's) man lost desire or need to be smartly dressed all the time. Society branched out into several directions to the point that you can't really point out our generation and say, "That look is so 2000 such and such". I can't be sure if that's a good or a bad thing, but self expression has been a long battle that we seem to have finally settled.

The slogan on our t-shirts read easily today: Be Yourself. It's that simple. Honour yourself, be it your heritage, your skin colour or your sexuality. So once that begun there really was no set look in the 90's. Except maybe that all the clothes from that day were just ill fitting. Or tie-dye.

For generations woman of all shapes and colours have been concious of their attire, the fit on the waist, the length and width of the leg. Generally there has been a strong thought process behind this because no matter the label of your new jeans, if they don't fit your shape what's the use?

Male models and movie stars have always been well dressed for the most part, it's in their best interest to look good. Then the Pop stars followed, as did the rappers and their bling and brand concious images. Ordinary men started to admire these stars, and shows like Queer Eye for the straight guy opened up ordinary men to the possibility of looking their best. They loved it! They loved the feeling! No longer were the bright coloured shirts and fitted jeans reserved for Gay men-- society was accepting a well dressed straight man!

Recently GQ branched out and created my favourite magazine GQ STYLE which is like Vogue but obviously for men. Vogue even branched out a quarterly edition called VOGUE MEN.

I guess it's no surprise I'm here then. I'm the product of such a change in the awakening of man. I want to look good, it's that simple.
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