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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christian Louboutin shoes for men!

If Jimmy Choo were smarter he'd follow the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin and create a shoe range for men. If he has I sure as hell haven't heard anything of it.

2009 might be remembered more for that ‘recession’ word that keeps being mentioned on the news, but we are also in the middle of a glorious awakening. Blog-God Scott Schumann witnesses these moments and shows the world, and little gay boys or mod-boys or metro sexual men alike are translating this into their own lives, into their own wardrobes. They are no longer content with the bland wardrobe pallets of a suburban guest room.

Shoe designers have been selling their artwork to women for hundreds of years-- iconography that you live your life in. So why can’t men get in on the action?

Mens Evening pumps by Christian Louboutin

It's no wonder household names like the above mentioned have designed with their fashionisto following in mind. Mr. Louboutin designed these studded beauties (also photographed with eccentric Euro-pop singer Mika in blue) but you try find them online. You can’t. It’s damn near impossible.

But the demand is there, I assure you.

Manolo Blahnik (below) and his mens shoe range (above)

As for pricing what can you expect? You’re getting luxury styling, quality and the chance to be one of few wearing something original? Doesn’t each step pay for itself? You might not be making an investment in terms of money but shoes that cost a lot tend to last longer than their cheaper cousins. And honestly wouldn’t it make more sense to buy five good (or fabulous, however you look at it) pairs of shoes over ten or fifteen that won’t see the new year before they see a scuff or tear?


So when should we expect more red-heeled action on the mens side of shoe-wear? What kind of demand are they waiting for? Louboutin, not too long ago mentioned in an interview that he had no interest in designing for a man but slowly I’m witnessing a change. So far only the studded, python and evening variety have made an appearance, but I can only hope to see more come soon. Do you?

Christian Louboutin python photo courtesy of Carlos Sousa.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

D&G Watches Half Price Sale

If you're anything like me (or most men come to think of it) you either own a few watches or secretly pine for more. A variety is essential, like shoes for women it's not a question of need. Currently are selling watches for just over 100GBP from just under 300GBP!

Remember if you don't have a membership email me because it's invite only, but make sure you supply a valid email address. I've had a few duds come through.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School fashion

It's Back to school fashion time! A few online stores have sales going on too, and you're into cool t-shirt designs I found a couple on Uneetee's wesbite. What I remember from school (and we were allowed to wear anything we wanted, as in American schools) was that T-shirts were the statement pieces we were after. I always see young teens wearing blatant copies of their idols or peers and I'm still surprised to see these emo Afghan scarves are still being worn.

However this I like - Murder of Crows Tee:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rock 'n Roller

Recently a pair of off-white jeans joined my growing wardrobe courtesy of Paul Smith. Initially I wore them as is, because they were just an inch shorter than normal trousers and had that Italian Gentleman of the 50's feel. But in this case I felt they had more in them than to be boring. My 25th birthday swung around last week and I took the opportunity to roll up!

Photo's pulled from The Sartorialist, Polo, and among others.

Burberry Portrait Tee

I've been personally waiting for this portrait t-shirt to arrive in my local Burberry store (it hasn't yet) and now you can see a few celebs wearing it with their own personal style. The blazer look is probably the easiest to do if it's slim fitted and neutral in colour (worn by Penn Bagdley and Aaron Paul). As I've discussed before a vintage-y design (if clean) can look pretty great with a jacket or blazer and still be smart.

Nathan Followill from Kings of Leon wore it in white with what I believe is a Burberry snood/scarf executed perfectly in his own rocker style. The roll up, whether unintentional or not is one of the tiny details you can add to your Tshirt-look. You can also fold up the sleeves twice (think James Dean short from back yonder)

Available for purchase here!

Friday, August 21, 2009

He's Alive!

Soooo... I got hit with a triple threat two weeks ago, hence the reason I have not updated MOTC! In the span of two days I tore three ligaments in my ankle and got some lovely non-H1N1 virus and was bed-ridden. At the same time my internet stopped working which is when I decided it was probably best for me to just relax!

All better now- although I was too late in responding to Fashion Week and only have Swimwear and possibly (bleh) Fabiani to see before I go on Holiday :) I did get chop off all my James Dean hair and am back to my natural brown again! There's probably bucket loads for me to update with but off to work I go! More to follow... xoxo
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