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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The New GQ Style came out this week which is focusing on Ambition. Paul Smith lends his voice to the issue with an article on ambition from his point of view.

To celebrate the SS10 issue of GQ Style which goes on sale on newsstands from 22nd March, Paul Smith is delighted to support the launch with specially created windows in Paul Smith shops around the globe and limited edition merchandise promoting the GQ Style Ambition issue entitled, ‘MAN UP!'.

Unique ‘Man Up’ inspired windows will run from 2-4 weeks in March in Paul Smith shops in Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo and New York. Copies of the magazine, which come with free Paul Smith designed ‘Man Up’ totes and specially created printed T-shirts will be available to purchase from the shops listed above.

Inside the issue, Paul Smith has written an essay on ambition and has interviewed Olympic cyclist, Mark Cavendish on what inspires him as one of the world’s leading athletes.

In the UK, a ‘Pop -Up Man Up Space’ will run for one week from 18th March, stocking copies of the magazine and T-shirts along with showcasing ‘behind the scenes’ footage of the fashion shoots in the magazine.

The Pop-Up Space will run from 18th-24th March 11-5.30-pm (weekdays only) at Princes House, 37 Kingsway, London WC2.


Paul Smith presents GQ Style
18th-24th March

11.00am-5.00pm - (week days only)
37 Kingsway


Stylescoop Article #3 - They don't call it a MANicure for nothin'

This week we discuss mens grooming on STYLESCOOP and why this wonderful change is nothing to be scared of. Catch it after the jump here>>

Last week was all about men's accessories so in case you missed it here it is!


As a women you know the power of a great accessory. You know that adding a certain piece will change or enhance your look. The same way a chef knows to add a special ingredient to transform a meal from standard to delightful.

The truth is every man wants to be fashionable, but for many it seems like far too much work. However adding the right accessories to the basics of ‘The Skeleton List’ will give your man that extra flair. He doesn’t need fancy ‘bling’ or the latest ‘must have’ of the season, because when it comes to fashion it’s not always what you wear; it’s what you don’t wear!

(image via celebrityfashiontips)

Google is a wonderful thing. With 97 million search results to ‘men’s accessories’ alone you, are bound to find something. But where you direct to from there is up to you. Let me make this a little easier for you…


The most important item for a man to wear other than his clothing is a good quality watch. Not only is it a great conversation starter but it speaks of your class and taste. While leather straps are increasingly popular, make sure to avoid those wrist-band watches that belong on the arm of a 12 year old. A watch, no matter the cost, should be clean and simple in design.

THE CURRENT TREND: Large faces are very popular for 2010!

(The Breitling Navitimer watch is celeb favourite )


Son, put away that velcro wallet from ‘92. A grown man should own a quality leather wallet that doesn’t spill out or crack.

THE CURRENT TREND: If you don’t carry coins around consider a money clip or simple credit card holder.

(Montblanc money clip)


Oakley is a very popular brand for sportsmen. The special lenses are polarized and cover the side and front of your eyes. Unfortunately they have yet to impress me with their small swim-goggle design. Keep them for sports. For the rest, consider the trend, as with most of menswear– the return to classic styles.

THE CURRENT TREND: Ray-Ban Clubmasters

(Ray-Ban Clubmasters)


While it serves the purpose of shielding the sun and keeping the hair out of your eyes, a baseball cap is not trendy. In fact they are becoming less and less popular with the return of older styles. Beanies, paper boy hats and Trilby’s are great alternatives.

THE CURRENT TREND: Panama straw hats

(The original Bond – Sir Sean Connery wearing a straw hat in a Louis Vuitton campaign)


Aside from the wedding ring, men are quite comfortable wearing a couple of pieces they choose for themselves. Jewelry is a personal thing and isn’t really determined by what anyone famous is wearing. The way it’s worn, yes. But not the item itself. The styles for 2010 are low hung chains with something personal hanging from it. For instance I have a collection of anchors. Added to a basic white Tee under a blazer or leather jacket is very effective. Chains, beads and leather jewelry should not be anywhere near the base of your neck. To update it, make it longer.

THE CURRENT TREND: Signet rings, perhaps with a family crest?

(Robert Pattinson wears a stylish signet ring)

No matter the item chosen, a man’s accessory should be an extension of who he is. It’s primary job is to enhance your look. You’re a sassy girl and you compliment your man, so why not allow his accessories to compliment him?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stylescoop Article # 2: Men and how to accessorize them

This week on stylescoop I discuss mens accessories and more importantly the 'How-don'ts' that apply to them. Read the article and catch up with my new friends after the jump!


And if you have not yet read the first of our 12 week journey through menswear you can catch it below.


Man was born naked so it’s not surprising that many men feel unprepared or even awkward about clothing now that they’re grown up. I face this every day; men who want to dress well but lack the know-how. Well let’s consider you a blank canvas!

In the following 12 weeks this column will serve as a training guide for men into the daunting world of ‘Fashion’. It will also help the ladies who want to style thier man understand male fashion.
Fashion is not conformity! For many people it’s expressive. So what are your clothes saying about you? ‘Ill-fitting’, ‘stained’ or ‘dated’ clothing doesn’t say you have more pressing things to worry about than what you wear. Instead it says ‘I’m a slob’, ‘my mom bought me this’, and ‘I’m probably single’

Firstly the important thing to remember is to ‘Be Yourself’. No one is telling you to wear studded leather pants because someone over in London or New York deems them fashionable. Age, body-type and job should be considered when purchasing new clothing. An exchange policy is a wonderful thing.

In order to get you updated we need to get back to basics. I’ll go into detail along the way but for now I’ve compiled ‘The Skeleton List’:

A quality white cotton dress shirt
The most versatile of all your garments because it works both formally and casually i.e Your shirt paired with denims and a V neck sweater.

Fitted draw denims
If you’re starting out your collection then a pair of fitted straight cut jeans in a dark indigo/raw wash is your best bet. Versatile, stylish and sleek they go with virtually any shoe and look great dressed up.

Black formal shoes
These should be bought with a slight point/curve. Squared or sharp points fall on either side of the fashion spectrum, the former being dated and the latter needing to be worn with slimmer trousers.

A navy blazer
Notice the trend in versatility? This blazer will open up your wardrobe options because it goes equally well over a shirt as it does over a T-shirt. Wear it with Jeans, Khaki’s or Chino’s to all sorts of occasions.

At least one, well tailored suit
If it’s your only one then a black suit is your safer option come weddings, funerals or job interviews. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting, cheap suit so save until you can afford a quality one that fits your shape.

A decent watch
A tattered canvas strap is not becoming of a gentleman. Your watch should be masculine and reflect your personality. If you can’t afford a fancy TAG just yet, then look for a clean and simple design with a mature look to it.

Slim black belt
Is essential and will serve its purpose well in both formal and semi-formal wear.

Any successful man will tell you that starting at the bottom is imperative. He will also tell you that looking good is all part of the package of success. Men have reawakened their sartorial interests, because now they see that fashion is not about outlandish dress-ups, it’s about a lifestyle and if you start slow anyone can be fashionable.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

David Gandy by Greg Lotus for GQ Style Germany

Legendary model David Gandy gets snapped up in scuba-gear by photographer Greg Lotus for GQ Style Germany. These are actually some gorgeous images. We don't really know what they're selling but I bet no one really cares. I suppose Gandy really is the embodiment of masculinity and he's said to be a treat to work with. He is also very gracious to his fans. Enjoy!

{source: fashionisto}


Shot with what many South Africans take for granted as a backdrop, model Jacques Naude takes charge as ringleader in Dansk magazine. Kevin Mackintosh photographed Naude atop a great Elephant and on one of our great beaches for this beautiful editorial, capturing the vulnerability of a runaway or circus drifter. The styling was magic with talents from Christian Stoble who was on par with the other two counterparts, resulting in the great bohemian spread below.

{source: fashionisto}

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oscar MEN In 2010!


Robert Downey Jr. you took my breath away with this outfit. I KNEW it had to be Lanvin and my sources say it is. How could it not be? The bow-tie, the high-tops... it's perfection. I always thought that men got the short stick when it came to the Oscars and now I tell ya-- this is how it's done!


Tom Ford (dressed by Tom Ford as if there were any other choice) and Jake Gyllenhaal dressed by Burberry (as was Woody Harrelson, Ryan Seacrest, Anthony Mack and Guy Pierce). Both Beautiful Tuxedo's, I think Tom Ford's carnation adds a beautiful touch to an otherwise standard Tux. But notice the lapel is rounded and larger than Gyllenhaal's. Beautiful.


And then there was Sharlto Copley who we unfortunately didn't see on-stage. Luckily his ill-fitting South African flag tee's were not to be seen but he did ad a sweet little pin of our flag! I can't say I'm loving her dress though...

Menswear goes spotty: Leopard prints in 2010


The Fashion scene seems to be going further back for inspiration. For whatever reason they stopped at Animal prints and decided this would look cute. I'm still deciding. However I am, as I've divulged many times before, a huge Paul Smith fan (I follow him on twitter). He has released motorbike helmets before but these are super fun in a leopard spot. The helmet is only suitable for mopeds up to the speed of 125cc. It is finished with Paul Smiths signature logo featuring at the bottom of the helmet. It's quite similar to the Stephen Sprouse spot used for Louis Vuitton's stole craze which Hollywood is going mad for.


I personally wouldn't mind both of the above mentioned items however it might look odd, me driving around in my car with a yellow helmet on my head. But the trend has not ended with Smith-- both Fashion giants Burberry and Gucci have gone ahead with including the print in their very latest 2010 showings.


And of course, Africa thanks Keri Hilson for wearing a Leopard print jacket in the Soccer tribute video she recently shot with Akon. How nice of her! Flowers, someone quickly!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Q&A with Stiaan Louw on his latest Campaign

Stephen Manion steps up to replace LeRiche in Stiaan Louw's latest ad campaign. I sat down with Stiaan to find out more about the new collection.


MOTC: Stiaan, Your latest collection is such a breath of fresh air. It certainly reflects a notable change in your style while still maintaining the Stiaan Louw ethos. What brought on this change?

SL: I spent last year pursuing almost every opportunity that came my way... I found myself somewhat exhausted at the end of it and still stuck on using a predominantly black palette. I wanted to create a 'quiet' collection, focused on the construction of the clothes, however simple...and make the design of the clothes the focal point again...I'm learning how to say 'no'.

MOTC: You unveiled the collection at this years 2010 Design Indaba, which I was able to attend, and it was quite a beautiful and elegant showing. How did you come about the themes and choreography?

SL: I knew I wanted the collection to speak of where I was at that particular moment in time. I wanted it to be 'soft', simple and minimalist. Brett Rubin (the campaign photographer) and I have been working together for several seasons now and there is a wonderful synergy between us. Before he left for Johannesburg on a road trip I gave him a shirt from the collection and described the mood and feel to him. He surprised me with the most beautiful photographs of landscapes which then became a strong component of the show. The choreography was done by Juanita Daniel and Jan Malan... I have worked with them on all my shows and they seem to understand the underlying ethos of my brand. The music was quite different from my normal choices for shows, but I also wanted to tone that down, use something more thought-provoking and 'mature' to accompany the shift.

MOTC: Your latest campaign boy Stephen is quite a contrast to his predecessor LeRiche with a very old-worldly look to him, was there a conscious decision to this choice?

SL: Yes, I saw Stephen at Design Indaba in 2009 and knew I wanted to create a collection around him, but the time was not right... I first had to go through the experience of last year...then at the beginning of this year I knew I wanted my work to capture a more mature, softer approach...he seemed to capture this and I made contact again.

MOTC: Tell me some more about the Look-book:

SL: The look-book happened a day or two before the show, it was unplanned... Brett had presented the images of the landscapes to me just the day before. They spoke to me on so many different levels... of where my work was, which direction I wanted to take it in and also of where I was emotionally. Over coffee, while looking at the images he offered to shoot the look-book the next morning, a day before leaving for Johannesburg. The experience felt similar to that of the first 'Next Generation Campaign' I did with him. It was simple, effortless and 'uncluttered'. Those are also some of the words I now remind myself of while designing...its where I started initially.



MOTC: Tell me a bit about the fabrics used, also comparing them to prior season. They seem like they have more texture. I also notice you didn't have any black in this collection either:

SL: All the fabrics are still cottons and viscose, but I decided on a lighter colour palette...Even though its a winter collection I wanted it to move away from the edgier black I did before. I wanted it to look more tailored in a way and opted for fabrics with more texture. I think it goes hand in hand with the fact that I don't want to necessarily be know as a designer whose work is only aimed at a the edgy youth market as I have been described as before. I didn't want that to be the predominant perception of my work.

MOTC: You like to keep things 'in the family' in a sense using photographer Brett Rubin and stylist Nicole Van Heerden again, I imagine they 'get' your vision?

SL: I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people on my collections, but I tend to return to the ones I feel I have a good 'rhythm' and trust with. This is very important to me in all my relationships. Brett has an understanding of what I want to achieve and he is open to the makes it unbelievably effortless. Also I think you develop a visual language with the people you collaborate with over is something that needs nurturing. For instance, in this look book Brett did a shot of Stephen from the side which reminded me of the shot of Chris Wagner from the back in the Next Generation Johannesburg campaign.

MOTC: How is your affiliation with Astore going? Any plans to open a stand-alone of your own like David West?

SL: Astore has been a positive experience. When I approached them the first time after Fashion Week 2008 I knew there was amazing potential for my brand in the store. I feel that this potential is being realised and that it can only grow stronger from here. I am considering my own stand alone store, but I feel that it is a huge responsibility. I have many friends with stores and would like to think that I will be well prepare once I do it. I have always believed in taking things slowly, in the hope of not burning out or making too many financial mistakes.

MOTC: I loved the stretchy jean-tracksuit pants in the show, how did you come up with that idea?

SL: I have been playing with smart tracksuit pants since the beginning of the menswear. First I had it in a tux drop-crotch version and then with zips on the inner leg to tighten or loosen the leg. I think I have finally created a shape that is comfortable and easy to wear, but can be worn with a suit jacket or a simple vest.

MOTC: I think the detailing of this collection is so great. Long spread lapels, high double 'bunny collars' and a lot of your signature layering. It seems like you've taken a lot of care into these details.

SL: I think the details are most important with menswear. I often look at guys shopping and more often than not, the discerning shopper doesn't pay much attention to the obviously 'designed' clothes... they understand what a beautifully made collar looks like, or a lapel that folds perfectly. Since I have stared my mentorship with House of Monatic through the Cape Town Fashion Council, this has become a focal point and something I will continue to focus on. Fit is key!

MOTC: Are there any other menswear designers you're watching from the corner of eye?

SL: Locally? Not really, not that i don't think they are not out there...I just prefer to focus on my own work and not to get involved in politics...I think it distracts from the focus.

MOTC: So... what's next for Stiaan Louw?

SL: I may be doing Africa Fashion Week next...but making sure I provide my clients with beautiful product and expanding on that base is my focal point for this year, but I'm doing it slowly and with consideration.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Stylescoop article #1: The Skeleton List


Man of the Cloth will be Guest-blogging on Style-Scoop for the next 12 weeks. I will be discussing all the How-to's of menswear to women who want to spruce up their mans wardrobe, we can call it a starter-pack for mens fashion!

Please visit my new friends at my home for the following 12 weeks and the first article called 'The Skeleton List'.

Catch it Every Tuesday on!

The Mad Hatters Scarf

This scarf is one of the top searches that bring new people to my Blog. As I mentioned before I found out this scarf was a Paul Smith garment and with it being part of the Mad Hatters outfit, well I had to find out for myself what it looked like. And this was the outcome of our introduction, only I'm sure the Stylists on-set starched it or something to get it so perky.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

J.Lindeberg Spring 2010 Campaign


Taking colour away from a fashion spread means your clothing better speak louder than before. This shoot certainly does that with it's sensitized black and white photography with French model Jeremy Dufor. Swedish photographer Andreas Sjodin does what he does best in this simple but effective campaign for J.Lindeberg's Spring 2010 line.





Friday, March 5, 2010

Tom Ford's Chelsea Home on the market


Should you have £8.5 million lying around (I do but this isn't my style) then you might be interested to know Tom Ford's Chelsea home is on the market.

And of course as one of the fashion leaders of our time would you expect any less than Chrome walls? You can hear about all the details here which are pretty funny. The house was occupied by Ford 5 years ago but the owner who bought it from him kept everything exactly the same.

It's real Purdy...

Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Designs