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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Golden Age by Leo Fuchs

I have an immense love for old photographs. Black and white photographs in particular. There is something lost in new age photography that these images seem to possess. In all the ease of snap,delete and touch-ups we have forgotten that beauty is in the mistakes.

Leo Fuchs was a special photographer. Unlike the barbaric behavior of modern day celebrity photographers, Fuchs was known to be a friend to the stars he snapped. This aided him in taking close-up, intimate photo's of his subjects without exploiting them.

Now, 60 years later the images have been bound and published. The book features Rock Hudson, Marlon Brando and my favorite Cary Grant among many others. The 240 page book published by Powerhouse even features an essay by the iconic photographer Bruce Weber.

Trunk Magazine feature Stiaan Louw


Monday, November 29, 2010

Leo, Leo, Leo

Dress: Topshop. Tights: Banana Republic. Shoes: Forever 21. Bag: YSL Muse. Jewelry: Michele, David Yurman.

I hope everyone had a lovely, restful break these past few days. I got a nice surprise a couple of days ago and was featured on Kim's fabulous blog, Brunette Blogging. Check out the interview here! I am back to my busy work schedule, but am excited to wear and share lots of fun pieces I picked up in LA and DC this week…

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Alert: Nerd Boyfriend

I'm a fan of the quirky and not-so-normal. These images may seem weird or odd now but in their day this is how they dressed. Their blog aptly titled 'Nerd Boyfriend' sets out to post all the zany looking characters of yesteryear that include Dustin Hoffman, John Lennon and Martin Short among so many others, while including the items of clothing that can get you to dress like them. Thanks to Narrylikes for this one.  Go take a look over here.



Robyn: Marisa Tomei has always been charmingly beautiful. But whilst I never really thought she deserved the Oscar nod for My Cousin Vinnie in her sweeter days, I definitely think it was deserved for her more mature woman role in The Wrestler. And it is this more elegant and self-aware Marisa that we see in this tangerine Westwood creation. On trend. Beautifully fitted. Still loads of personality. Gorgeous. 
Marco: She whined a lot in the nineties, but I always thought she was a good actress. The real-woman-next-door kind of gal. Normal, perhaps which in itself is rare in Hollywood. The tangerine is anything but sour, in fact I think this is perfectly age appropriate and sexy all at once. She seems quite comfortable in her mid-forties while looking easily ten years younger. Dina Lohan could take cues from this one. 

Marco: I've always favored Harry and his scruffy look over Williams clean cut much-like-his-dad look. Still, the royal engagement really does put old Willy in a modern day fairy-tale. And when you have such a knock-out for a fiancé then who cares about a little receding hairline? Nothing like a little blue-blood in a blue suit to show them. Beautiful tie, beautiful tailoring. This is why less is more. 
Robyn: You know I am totally on board with this Royal Wedding situation, right? I mean, we had the FIFA world cup this year, next year it is all wedding and this time we can dress up. But I almost think that one of the reasons why Will must take a wife is so that she can be the ‘star’ and he can quietly do his Royal thing largely unnoticed. He seems like a sweet bloke. Let’s leave it there.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love Letters to LA

I had such a lovely time this past week in LA and just wanted to share with you some of the pictures I snapped in my 48 hours of shopping there. I am now off to the East Coast to enjoy some time with my family. I hope all of you have a perfect holiday!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 'Face of Markham' named


A couple months back I was approached by the lovely people over at Markham. They asked if I would be interested in being on the panel for the Face of Markham competition alongside Neil Doveton and fashion photographer Caroline Mcclelland among others. After thousands of applicants and votes were cast they rounded the boys up to 10. This is where I came in.
Alexander Faizi Rawháni, The 24 year old who had my vote made it all the way through and took the top prize.  What did he win exactly? Firstly he gets to be the face of Markham. Secondly he joins the love/hate world that is Blackberry land with a new Bold 9700 and gets to shop to the value of R10 000 at Markham stores nationwide. The last part of the prize promises the winner an 'amazing party experience' so as you can imagine Alexander must be pretty chuffed with himself about now. Congrats!

More Images From Gavin Rajah Menswear

Piero Puccini fronts the anticipated launch of Gavin Rajah's made to order menswear collection. Photographed by Jesse Leigh-Elfrod in this impressive but simple campaign concept. Come January 2011 Rajah will have a showing of this collection in Paris during the menswear shows. Are you excited to see it?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roses are Red

Top: RL Collection. Cardigan: BR Monogram. Skirt: H&M. Tights: F21. Shoes: Banana Republic. Belt: GAP. Pins: H&M. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michele.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What to wear to a wedding

There are some tasks in life that are easy, like ordering chicken over fish on a menu or choosing a gift from a registry. It’s all fine and good when all you have to do is point. When it comes to wedding season however, it isn’t always so simple. Woman know this and therefore prepare well in advance for the occasion. There are themes and rules and sometimes stipulations on colour. Daunting I know, but completely achievable, I promise.

Lucky for you, all eyes will be on the bride and groom. Just don’t think you can slack off because nobody wants to be the weird guy in the mustard coloured suit at a black tie wedding.

Firstly, you may want to read the invitation. If you are unsure about the dress-code the invitation will be your first clue. Assuming it doesn’t tell you what to wear, look at the invite. Is it engraved and fancy, held at a swanky hotel or on a wine farm? Understandably the dress-code differs from location to location as well as the time of day.

Day Wedding: Semi-Formal/Formal
A day wedding can be divided into two obvious dress-codes; semi formal and formal. Let’s look at the latter first. A dark suit is most appropriate and works well with a beautiful pastel coloured shirt. Wearing a tie to a formal day wedding is imperative (alternatively yes, a bow-tie is fine too) but it’s colour/style depends on the shirt and your own preference and by softening the look, or rather adapting the suit to a day wedding through colour.

As for semi-formal, the rules are somewhat relaxed but I advise you to stay on a similar path to that of a formal dress-code. Linen suiting, light coloured suits, open collared shirts with dress pants and blazers and even more colourful shirts are all appropriate. Adding a pocket square may be the perfect replacement to a tie while keeping your look appropriate and trendy. 


Evening Wedding
Your best bet would be to wear a dark suit to an evening wedding. If it’s a warm weather wedding try avoid a heavy woolen suit. You may even want to warm up the colours you wear to an evening wedding. The fancier the invite the chances are leaning towards a tuxedo, just never before 5 p.m! If need be make a quick call to the bride or groom to make sure.


Beach Wedding
Your sartorial tastes are more than likely going to thrive at a beach wedding over any other. The rules are relaxed and the options to look good are just about endless. A linen suit is most favored by the male beach wedding guest and for obvious reasons. Breathability. As for colour, you should avoid white because of simple wedding etiquette. This may however be the theme in which case, white it is. 

Wearing a light blazer and shirt and paired with loafers is a good standard look. The tie is generally up to you but open collar works nicely with an added detail, a pocket square or tasteful flower buttonhole for example. To keep looking fashionable and suave you may even want to go for a preppy look or include the smallest nautical influence for flair. Getting cute is a bad move; I once attended a beach wedding and a guest wore a bow-tie, t-shirt and board shorts. He was soon after escorted out. 


Black Tie/Optional Wedding
South African weddings are not commonly a part of this theme. In Cape Town even less so, I assure you. But you may be invited to a very formal wedding where going ‘Black tie’ is required. This will include a dinner jacket, dress shirt, cummerbund, highly polished or patent leather shoes (in black) and of course a bow-tie that matches the lapel facings. Thankfully, designers and suit-makers have caught onto the need for such occasions and slim fit/updated versions of that old penguin suit are available in higher-end stores.


Themed Wedding
Brace yourself, it happens. If you have been invited to a masquerade themed wedding or something equally ridiculous consider how you can apply the theme to your own attire. If it’s a strict costume ball then just go with it and have a good time. Just remember, there is almost always a bar!

  1. Absolutely no denim should be worn to a wedding. Of course, if you’re foolish enough to wear jeans to a Summer wedding then you will have both the sun and the bride to deal with. This rule includes cargo pants, sneakers (I shudder to imagine) and anything distressed or with holes. 
  2. No white suits after 5p.m and no Tuxedo’s before 5p.m.
  3. A wedding is a joyous occasion and should be enjoyed by all. Taking special care to respect the bride and groom on their big day is very important. If you are at all uncertain about what is appropriate, make that phone-call. 

Ebb & Flow

Jacket: Jcrew. Shirt: Haute Hippie. Jorts: DIY cut offs. Knee Highs: Madewell. Shoes: NYLA. Jewelry: David Yurman, F21, Michael Kors, Gap, BR.

I am sure some of you have been wondering if I have been on vacation with some of the recent outfits. Well, I haven't...San Francisco just decided to have a summer in the middle of November. Looks like that weather is long gone and it is true fall from here on out! Off to LA and Washington D.C this week so expect some fun pictures...

Sunday, November 21, 2010



It's Movember baby, and you know what that means. Countless encounters with awkward looking men with furry upper-lips in the name of a good cause. Prostate cancer is a serious disease and for 11 years men from all over the globe have itched their way to a fully grown mustache for the month of November every year.

Movember is almost over so by now I imagine you have accumulated quite the mustache! If you have then we have some good news for you. Sylvie Hurford, official make-up artist and spokesperson for L'oreal (the gentle-lady with the Dali 'tache) and Man of the Cloth invite you to send in your photographs.

Up for grabs is a fantastic R1000 hamper from L'oreal filled with grooming products for men. Even better is that 10 runners up will receive a L'oreal aftershave balm, so your excuses mean nothing to me. Send in your pictures!

We will be donating the same hamper to 'Look Good, Feel Good', an initiative that helps men and women 'Smile through cancer'.

  1. Snap a picture of your mustache
  2. Send it with your full name to with the subject field 'MOVEMBER'
  3. Follow Sylvie Hurford on Twitter (sylvieloreal) and Man of the Cloth (manofclothblog) on Twitter or Facebook. 
Once the month ends, Sylvie and I will decide over a bottle of wine who is rocking the look the best, so make sure to give it your best! We look forward to seeing all the great looks.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Short Order

Shorts: Thread Social. Shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap. Tank: BR. Purse: Vintage LV. Scarf: H&M. Jewelry: Jcrew, Michael Kors.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Warm Sunset

Jacket: Jcrew. Jeans: GAP. Tank: BR. Shoes: Dolce Vita. Bag: YSL. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michael Kors, GAP, BR, JCrew.



Robyn: Yikes. I never thought I would feature a Kardashian. But I know this frock got quite a bit of 'Marmite' coverage this week (either you love it or hate it) and I thought that I would pitch in. I think it is pretty and striking and actually quite suited to the KK. I like the neckline very much. Mostly because building in the neckpiece is like a two-for-one sale. Bargain.
Marco: A Kardashian? Robyn I'm shocked. I can't tell, is it a bib? Is she getting her hair cut? I kid, but the neckpiece loses something in this pale blue dress. Wouldn't it be more striking with say, coral? I don't know, I'm a bit bored with it, really. I'm a marmite man, but this dress gets a no from me... Hungry now.

Marco: The Gos used to irritate me back when he was a teenage star. It was the hair mostly. No one is naturally that white-blonde after 5, right? Now I'm all for him. He's rugged and sensitive and dresses impeccably. Just look at this double-breasted beaut. On trend, perfect fit and just the right length. He wears it with an ease that makes you question if he hires a stylist.
Robyn: I imagine he does have a stylist for this sort of thing. And didn't the stylist do well? I think it is just weird enough for the guy who played the lead in Lars and the Real Girl, but also super-sharp. Great find, Marco, old chap.

Thursday, November 18, 2010



Christian Louboutin is a clever and talented man. We know this because his shoes are beautiful and their red soles are an icon already. What puzzles me is how few options there are for men. The market is most certainly big enough now, is it still a matter of money? Or is Louboutin still maintaining his focus on women?

Every so often he releases a new shoe and this week we got a look at the latest Rollerboy from his collection. You remember the spiked Rollerboys in black? Well now the super popular shoes are available in denim. What do you think? Would you like to see newer styles available from Christian Louboutin? Would you pay $1245 for a pair?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Animal Instincts

Dress: Milly. Vest: Madewell. Shoes: Miu Miu. Bag: LV. Sunglasses: Burberry. Jewelry: David Yurman, Michael Kors, GAP, F21, Jcrew, Max&Chloe.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tousle & Turn

Dress worn as skirt: Rebecca Taylor. Top: Gap. Shoes: Tory Burch. Purse: YSL Muse. Scarf: Bajar. Jewelry: Jcrew, Gap, Michael Kors, David Yurman, BR, Max&Chloe.

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