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Thursday, October 30, 2008



I'm more of a lyric and melody man myself, so Hip-Hop generally doesn't hit it for me on a musical level. However, years ago when I lived in London I would listen to Kanye West's more pop-friendly music. He was different from his peers, that much was for sure. And he was here to own it- not only in music but as a business man he even became the number 5 black artist/business man of our generation. I think Jay-Z got the top spot.

Then later on he started showing up at Fashion shows, seated right up front near the Olsen Twins and Anna Wintour. And his dress sense became a lot more tailored and refined. Now years later he's easily taken the best-dressed Hip-Hop artist from Diddy whose a little Ovah right now.

This months Hipster nod, goes to Kanye West!

The Long and Short of it...

Depending on your climate, shorts can be included into your wardrobe all year round. In Cape Town the weather is more hot than it is cold so in the mid-winter we have many opportunities to wear shorts. But we have also started styling them up instead of, dare I say it- just wearing a t-shirt and slip-slops.

DSQUARED as designers are big fans of the short short, and of course they look incredible on the physique of their impeccably sculpted models, like Chad White. But one must be sure they are going to look good in them above the knee if they are adequately built below the knee.

Two weeks ago I was frustrated with a pair of chino-styled trousers because of the fit of the leg, so I cut them below the knee and folded them up three times. I did the same with an old pair of guess jeans to a similar effect. You don't always have to spend to get the look you want. But you can be creative and dress them more smartly with shirts and casual loafers or Boat shoes.

Have you met my new shoes?

I had these pictures up on my screen saver for a couple months and by chance I was able to get them from London! Unfortunately I could only get them in black but I still love them! The blue lace-ups make them that more London.
A friend of mine (a girl) got them in both the black and brown in the girls version, but without the heal. I was concerned the heal would bother me but you don't even notice them! I love Paul Smith's Shoes!

Paul Smith Travel Shoe - "Certain - Glace Nero"

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