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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Flashback pt. 3

At Diesel I had the freedom (and resources) to experiment with my style without any judging eyes. People generally understood us to be so fashion forward that they didn't question our choices. It was such a fantastic phase for me because I was experiencing so much and studying every look book to understand why things were put together the way they were.

My first expensive purchase was a pair of tapered Dsquared jeans. The type with a lot of extra denim in the rear. I was so transformed by them that I was literally searching everyday for more. Markhams was the only store at the time to stock somewhat trendy items for a lot less. I bought the waistcoat for R100 which is nothing! It still fits and hangs in my cupboard but I don't wear it anymore... for now anyway. I'll wait till less people are wearing them again. The top was an Abercrombie Grandad shirt I got from the states, the belt is (still) my favorite black braided basic.

Fashion Flashback pt. 2

When I worked for Diesel we would have these very glamorous fashion shows twice a year. So with the big day coming up we would sit around at work and discuss what outfits we were going to put together. The staff after all, had to portray the Diesel Fashion Lifestyle (and we never disappointed). This outfit came about when skinny ties were starting to surface as the new "It" item. Paired with this verrry Lagerfeld collar and Diesel Leather jacket. The tie, once again was from Markhams. I got so excited because I felt like suddenly the state of basic mens fashion was changing drastically for South Africa. I guess it was, but just on a smaller scale. Look I'm wearing BOOTLEGS for goodness sake. You can tell it was a few years ago.

Fashion Flashback

I thought you readers might get a chuckle from this. It's from two years ago when I was so heavily into fashion I couldn't contain myself. Every day was a reason to get dressed up, even this particular night when we were just going to Beaulah in GreenPoint (My best friend wore a ball-gown-esque dress from Diesel for an event earlier that night so at least we looked matched).

At this point waistcoats had just come back into style and I was one of the first few brave fashionisto's to try it out. I was trying to bring Sexy back! The jeans are Dsquared, the waistcoat was from Markhams (a sad, sad version of H&M if you will) and the jacket was a gift from a friend who made it himself. Will wear the coat again and take a shot for you guys. The whole look made me look ready for a Western flick. Ah and the Bandana I turned into a Neckerchief! Good times.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Burberry Denims

This is what happens when you go into nice stores! Kelly the fantastic saleslady from Burberry got me to spend all my hard earned cash (it's payday)in twenty minutes.
It wasn't my intention to be all Burberry'd up to buy jeans! But what say you? I LOVE my bag and I don't care what people say about man-bags!

I digress...

I started out a die-hard Diesel jeans fan but quickly realised there were other fish in the sea. Paper Denim, G-star, Paul Smith, Replay... the list never ends. I have recently discovered that Burberry makes fantastic denims in classic cuts and colours, and it just so happens we have a shiny new one in the V&A waterfront. Their denims range from about R2800 or less, which is not all that bad if you consider Diesel jeans can cost you as much as R4500 these days. They were under 2k when I worked there!

I just can't understand how the sizing of jeans have changed... I'm sure I used to be a 32.


My internet at home isn't working for some weird reason. Or at least it does open certain websites like google. Hmmm, hoping it will get sorted out soon. I apologize for the slow updates but it won't last long I assure you.

x Marco

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adonis is back...

Ironically featured in the new Hercules Magazine, yet another male model going against the overwhelming popularity of would-be teenage boys with pronounced jaws and white faces. Prada and Burberry tend to use these emaciated looking boys for their campaigns and catwalks but of late we have seen a change. That sculpted Adonis that graced ads like D&G light Blue (not the model mind you, but the physiqe and the bone structure), the mans man, the tanned, buffed male model! It's understandable why Gay Designers like Dolce and Gabanna or Dsquared have used such models but it seems the run of the skinny male model might be drawing to a close.

Magazine: Hercules
Editorial: Live Flesh
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura
Fashion Editor: David Vivirido
Model: Brian Shimansky

The Kooples

Mon Francais net pas bon... but if you speak French then you can read all the tidbits on The Kooples. On their website they have some great pieces for men and women. Including some nice Pantalons! I sampled a few for you to check out. The Fits are perfect, the tones are all pretty much the same grey you would expect for basics but that means your own wardrobe has a means to speak with. All these items are for sale online at The Kooples store.

The Muse, the Man and the Boy Bander?

Shot recently by Annie Leibovitz, the unexpected threesome of Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and Justin Timberlake appear in Mays Issue of American Vogue. The latter may come as a surprise, but Timberlake is said to co-host the Costume Institute Gala with Jacobs this year, who is Honorary Chair. As for Kate Moss, (who co-chairs with Anna Wintour) she may very well be the theme: “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion.” They will be "Examining the relationship between high fashion and ideas of beauty as represented by iconic fashion models of recent eras"
Still, you have to wonder if Timberlake really has a deserved spot on that stage after one stint on the runway as designer. We can only wait and see. The Costume Institute Gala is a pretty serious affair in fashion, after all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making it harder for the rest of us... Zac Efron

That hair alone is enough cause for envy. I'm all greened up. I imagine with adoring fans, millions of dollars and that physique that Zac Efron lives a charmed life. Duh.
But turning down the FOOTLOOSE remake for fear of being type-cast? Bad move. Kitted out in mostly Ralph Lauren above, Efron had a few words with in association with GQ. You can read it here

These photographs were clearly beautifully styled for Mr. High School Musical but he's already earned himself enough street cred for his own style.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

Why buy the chocolatey kind when you can keep your Bunny all year round? Paul Smith has these fantastic Ceramic Bunnies for R1150, and they come in loads of colours. Enjoy your Good Friday! I know I will!

Blazer and denim

Okay so I don't get browny points for merely attaching pictures from one blog to another but I really love this photo shot by Scott Schuman. The blazer look is perfection, it's all in the fit of the garments, the colouring (Navy, tan and stone-washed denim) and the way in which it was accessorized. A great look (and not a new one mind you) for the cooler months of the year. This photo was shot in Milan, of course.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I don't get Browny points for merely attaching photo's from one blog to another but I really love these two looks photographed by Scott Schuman recently. I also added two other looks with similar washes. What I liked was the specific wash of denim and the two ways to wear them. I see this colour coming back more predominantly. The blazer look is perfection! And is executed so well because of the colouring. I often do this look but with a black blazer

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to wear Statement shoes:

Statement shoes are those wonderful bright things you see braver men wear. You walk passed and wonder why it is you couldn't pull it off but the truth is it's not as hard as you think! They're statement pieces because they make a statement. What you don't want is for them to make you look like a fool. So to make sure you wear them properly avoid using the same colour (or other brighter ones for that matter) elsewhere. An exception in this case would be a handkerchief or perhaps a bow-tie depending on the occasion. But this is not the time to wear a purple jacket with your bright purple shoes! Choose the item and then add plainer but suited colours.

Notice how the following men have used only three other colours in their outfit. Keeping it basic and classic allows the shoes to speak for themselves.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am bummed that these fantastic shoes are not making their way to our local Paul Smith store but I really want a pair... or two. Fantastic colours, retailing for 175GBP. Somebody? Anybody??

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage Cartoon T Shirts

Cartoons aren't just for kids! In fact it's becoming more cool for an adult to wear a vintage cartoon t-shirt these days. Again. This time it's not just for your jeans and kicks variety, instead we are pushing a less casual look. Add a hot jacket and you're good to go. I would go for a distressed Tee with a nice fitted blazer like the photo right at the bottom. Pelayo recently wore his version to Fashion week:

I wear my Superman T shirt from time to time ( this one was from when I still had long hair!) and I wore it with my Leather Jacket.

T-shirts like this one are perfect. When you look for a "vintage" t shirt try go for the most discolored, distressed version you can! Nothing pretty and perfect that you'd pick up at the official website!

Jay Jays in Cape Town stock some great options but you can get yours at Slingshot shirts for under $30, but you can find thousands online, just type in Vintage Cartoon T shirts in Google!

Just remember boys, go for the masculine characters! Such as these...

But it doesn't exclude other vintage T shirts like this one:

Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Designs