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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet my friend...

Nicolette and Riaan

Meet my friend...

KIRA Visual Merchandiser for Burberry

Moschino 09

Part of the collection looks like a scene from Gossip Girls but they're all have Chase Crawford level good-looks. I am in love with this entire collection. The quirky preppy detailing you expect from Paul Smith, the slim cut suits with Doc Martin-esque lace up boots... Moschino struck fashion gold with this one.

Unlike a lot of designers this show contains entire looks that are ready to wear for your regular fashionisto.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paul Smith Fall 09

When Paul Smiths Fall 09 show opened on Sunday night, models in mainline suit and cycling vest combo’s strutted out much to the audiences surprise. Cycling Vests? Really? But if you consider that Sir Paul was once a cyclist himself and his designs are usually inspired by his life, it comes as no surprise.

With many designers slowly migrating back to a larger pant leg, I was relieved to see that Paul Smith still included the slim cut suit into his newest collection. After all Classic cuts do not do justice to the skinnier physique. I should know.

Included were many combo’s of tartan and plaid prints, another quintessential detail we have all come to love about Paul Smith, where nothing is off-limits and all things, however suspect are possible.

With the expected warmer tones for Fall 09 Paul used a lot of grey jeans and fantastic boots. Note that he paired them with pastel colours perfectly (he also did this with his last collection). His lumberjack inspired sweater-jackets are gorgeous and really finish off the looks perfectly.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you met my new shoes?

As I type this my feet are in sweet pain from my new leather boots. I'm wearing them in quite comfortably mind you, but Paul Smith shoes have never been a problem for me. These beauties are called YORK, I'm so happy that I finally got my hands on a pair of these mainline boots.

Every guy should have at least one pair of good black and brown boots, and if you're lucky enough you can have an assortment of tips and heels too! I was in POLO in the waterfront today and in their window display they had a gorgeous pair of vintage riding boots I had hoped were for sale, sadly not. Maybe I need to be doing more thrift shopping! For now I need to sit down...

Ann Demeulemeester

Demeulemeester unveiled her newest collection today, in which lot's of dark gloomy colours and designs make the models look like they survived the war un-scathed. Again we see a strong influence with the Revolution, as well as more knee-length boots with a round toe.

In Cape Town I don't think I've ever seen a man in tall boots, but considering I've also never been able to locate any in stores it's no wonder. I'm seeing a lot of Wellingtons(gum-boots as we call them)on international streets but have yet to see it on a local front. As soon as it cools down here I plan on donning a pair myself.

Here are a few shots from her show:

Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week

Love or Hate him but you have got to give it to Kanye West for either pulling this look off himself, or hiring one hell of a stylist. This was taken today but the great Scott Schuman at Ann Demeulemeesters show in Paris. Slim Cut, all the same shade of charcoal and those gloves to match. I'm even loving the tinted lenses on those shades. He may be a bit egotistic most of the time but when you look this hot can you blame him?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Armani Fall 09

I wasn't all too impressed with Armani this year but these jackets are particularly hot. How fierce does the guy look in this leather jacket? They used a lot of grey and green tones and trousers in what appears to be fleece?

Bottega Venetta Fall 09

Bottega Venetta (like a couple other designers) decided to release a lot of safe Autumnal tones with some very classic cuts and jackets. Do you notice the length of jackets these days? Here are my favourites:

Alexander McQueen! Fall 09

McQueen might have used a very similar make-up artist to Paul Smith ('08) for his Fall 09 show this week but when it came to his designs they were far more theatrical, one almost expects the models to cry out in song to Sweeney Todd or Gangs of New York. Beautifully executed. The knit is especially amazing but I can see myself wearing any item from the below pictures. Here are my favourites:

D&G Fall 09

If D&G were aiming to re-invent the early revolution with some amazing jackets they certainly hit the nail on the head. I am mesmerized by almost every one of them. Although I can appreciate the more formal tuxedo jackets I believe they were used in an almost annoying repetition-- and not limited to just their label. It kind of feels like they were doing this last season too, weren't they?

Let's just take a minute to focus on each of these beautifully constructed jackets, each of which I covet with a heavy heart! Oh, the detailing!

Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Designs