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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Thousand and counting...

Dankie, as we in South Africa say! Thanks for the hits. I certainly appreciate all the clicks around Man of the Cloth and hope that it continues at the rate it is. We've only been online seriously since Decemeber 09. Thank You! MARCO

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making it harder for the rest of us...

Robert Pattison:

Vampires. I guess the myth will never fail to quench our... thirst. There have been a few good-looking Vampires in Movie/tv history, because of course your Vampire could only be a tall and handsome creature of the night. Brad Pitt, David Boreanaz of Buffy Fame... Tom Cruise, James Martsens... and now the latest to join the ranks of oodled over male icons: Robert Pattison, who actually worries for his life for the hysteria can be quite overwhelming for the cast of hit movie and book Twilight. I'm currently reading said book out of curiosity. I tend to ignore Best Sellers until they're safely placed elsewhere in a book store... It happened with Harry Potter- I was in complete denial until I actually read them for myself. But I digress... this new Brit Sensation (who was coincidentally in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire) has hit the big time with just one major role and seems his oddball looks and charisma will lend a hand in building a strong career in film. Just look at actor James McAvoy. Girls love the dirty Brit look! Add to that a great sense of grungy style and you have yourself a winner!

He does makes me wish I had his hair though... definitely.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skinny Love

I've been wearing skinny jeans for three years, they've been in style for longer than that and I see them staying in "style" for a while longer still. But like all fits and fads they come and go and while the majority of fashion minded men make a safe segue from skinny to slim fit, there are the few (like myself) playing with a new fit altogether.

You get the sailor style as shown by this Dsquared model, which basically has no "fit" other than to hang, but the fabric is light and comfortable.

The other option, which is like a safe medium between the two is a low waist and lower crotch while still maintaining the skinner pipe.

Or a version where your pants merely appear a size too big but fit the waist.

It's this last few that I particularly like because it's different without standing out too much. Rolling it up carelessly at the bottom and adding a faded vintage belt could finish it off nicely. Play with it. But notice the fit of their upper body wear. Not long hanging t-shirts or Glimmering Bling. They still keep the original fits, only the trousers change, that is what makes the outfit work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tom Ford Special Edition Quantum of Solace Glasses

Well Of course. Daniel Craig was after all, completely decked out in Tom Ford for the whole movie. The blue tinted glasses, which are also leather trimmed go for £209.00 and can be purchased from

How to wear a Tuxedo Jacket on it's own

Ryan Gosling was at a movie premiere party this week, wearing a Tuxedo jacket over what could be anything he happened to be wearing that day. But it looks great! You don't have to take it to that level of 'casual' but Mr. Gosling along with modern fashion proves that the Tuxedo jacket is far from gone from our current wardrobe.

There are many ways to wear your jacket, but remember to buy one that is somewhat tailored to your shape. This look calls for fitted jackets and trousers (or perhaps the latter can be baggy- why not).


I feel like a tosser for losing their names but I have been wanting to post these two for some time. In classic township style they have come to the city for the day wearing their 'Sunday' Best. Everything they're wearing is in pristine condition and worn proudly. What made me ask them for their picture was the colouring of their outfits. Note the light pinks and blue used to combine with the beige tones and the hats! Light trousers and dark jacket, or light trousers and baby blue blazer. The structure is quite common in their culture but these two seemed to understand it better. I quite enjoyed seeing the man on the left advising his friend on their next pose. Great stuff boys.

It reminded me so much of Paul Smith's Spring 2008 collection where he dressed his models in opposing prints and colours but made it work. He is, after all known for doing that. And although these prints are darker I still think it applies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Summer shorts

I was at the Biscuit Mill today and noticed that a lot of boys are going for the BORING shorts and T-shirt look. Their girlfriends (in this particular case) were all gorgeous and fashionable and I had to wonder how it doesn't reflect fully on their men.

If you're going to wear shorts and a T-shirt, why not try the alternative?

You may notice that a lot of these images were pulled from Dsquared shows but that's because they really know what they're doing, even in the casual case. Low shorts, length is up to you. See a previous post HERE for other suggestions.


I love finding new music and when I heard Zooey Deschanel was releasing an album I had to hear it for myself. I'm a big fan of her dry-humor acting and I expected her music to be pretty out there too. This song is fantastic, and really sounds like it was released some 60 years ago.I believe the twosome call themselves "She and Him". No official video yet but please have a listen.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patricks day Debauchery

Oh, how I love Green beer. In the spirit of St.Patty's day I was able to sample a few and then proceed to take the kinds of pictures you don't understand in the morning. I do remember pointing to my green beer a lot... I've also never been hugged so much, by straight male strangers no less. All great fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Table mountain is on fire!

Dear Readers, I only wish you could see what I can. Leaving "The Dubliners" pub at 1:30 am this evening I thought I could see flames coming from a near by building but upon closer inspection saw it to be none other than Table Mountain. When I say the entire mountain is engulfed in viscous flames I am not kidding. I live 15 minutes from the city centre and the flames are scary from even here, I only wish my camera could show you properly! I don't know anything yet but I hope no one is in danger, there are houses nearby but who knows if the fire has reached them yet! This is bizarrely incredible to see though, let me say. Worth staying up for! Guess we'll have to see what the newspapers say in the morning. And to think everyone is sleeping through this.


According to the fire fighters were at it all night (and continue this morning) but were unable to save two houses near Vredehoek. As many as 60 were asked to evacuate. The high winds surely didn't help matters. Thank God there weren't any casualties.

All is not what it seems...

Spanish Bunker shoes ad, hilarious!

Joy Apparel Organic T-shirts!

I love it when someone comes up with an original and clever idea and runs with it. My dear, dear friend Jeff from Canada (isn't he handsome?) did just that when he came up with Joy Apparel.

I was thrilled to see a package waiting patiently for me when I got home last night. After a long day you can imagine the pick me up it was! I recognised it immediately. Jeff my friend, Thank You!

Select a portrait of someone you don’t know. Click on their thumbnail to read about them & to start building your shirt.

Customize your own T-shirt. All shirts are Sweatshop free and made from certified organic cotton or bamboo.

Wait for your marvelous Joy T-shirt to arrive in the mail. We ship our shirts all over the world.

Take a stand for Global Awarness: Wear your shirt and think about the person printed over your heart.

Upload your photo via the Participate link to have your photo drawn by hand and worn on the hearts of others!

Please visit this site and support a great initiative. We need more people like Jeff in the world. Better thoughts today mean better lives tomorrow!

And how perfect that I have something to wear for my St. Patty's day party!

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